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    Alkaline Water Is International Phenomenon

    December 18, 2018

December 18, 2018

Alkaline Water Is International Phenomenon

Alkaline water is becoming an international phenomenon. Global sales have risen 18 percent a year to $631 million in 2017, and according to Zenith Global, it is rapidly heading to the $1 billion milestone.

Consumption volumes are estimated at 521 million liters in 2017, with a growth rate of 10 percent a year since 2013. This rate is forecast to accelerate, predicts Zenith Global in the 2018 Alkaline Water Report.

The Asia Pacific is the largest market for alkaline water, however, North America is the market to watch. Sales in North American have grown by 40 percent a year since 2013.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Typically, alkaline water has a pH value that is between 7 and 10. Products either come from a naturally high pH source or they are enhanced in processing to create an elevated pH.

Most alkaline waters are sold as premium products for active, healthy lifestyles, and often commands twice the price of regular bottled water.

Alkaline water has tapped into numerous key consumer trends: as a bottle water it can make the most of the category’s overall impression growth; as a product with added value, it is positioned to make the most of consumer’s desires for premium products.

Zenith Global says, “Influenced partly by a move away from high sugar carbonated soft drinks, the uptake of alkaline water has been motivated be a range of health and wellness drivers, with a broadening consumer appeal.”

The U.S. market is still growing but alkaline water brands include Essentia (pH 9.5), Keurig Dr. Pepper’s recent acquisition Core Nutrition (pH 7.4), Alkaline88, a brand enhanced by pink Himalayan rock salt (pH 8.8), and a new launch, Smartwater Alkaline (pH 9) from Coca-Cola.

Around the globe, key brands of alkaline water include New Zealand’s naturally alkaline water 1907 (pH 7.8-8.2), U.K. ionized water Actiph (pH 9), and South Australian naturally alkaline water ‘pH 8’ (pH 8).

Currently, the Asia Pacific has the largest market for alkaline water, however, the highest growth rates are seen in North America and Western Europe.

Alkaline waters in Asia Pacific show a growth rate of 3 percent, in North America the growth rate is 40 percent and Western Europe is 50 percent.

In North America, alkaline water has been transformed from a niche sector into one with mass appeal thanks to the beverage’s functional positioning and drive from key brands such as Essentia and Core.

Coca-Cola’s launch into the category with Smartwater Alkaline, which is currently available on the West Coast, will rollout nationwide in March 2019. It is predicted this will add further momentum to alkaline water.

By Jeanette Smith


Zenith Global: Alkaline water is becoming an international phenomenon.

Image Courtesy of Public Domain Pictures’ Pixabay Page – Public Domain License


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